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Go where the data takes you

Unleash edge infrastructure’s true potential with Micron memory and storage

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Find your (server) balance

Gather data more efficiently at the edge

5G and IoT technologies generate vast amounts of information outside of conventional data centers. Making the most of this data requires innovative memory and storage solutions that can fit seamlessly into edge infrastructure.

Micron’s experts have the test data, ecosystem knowledge and in-depth insights to find the right solutions for your workloads.

Proven solutions for edge workloads

Unleash the business value of data at the edge

Explore how to plan your edge infrastructure for maximum business impact.

Micron SSD Security

Powerful infrastructure for edge database analytics

Harness intelligence at the network edge to go where the data takes you.


Moving artificial intelligence workloads to edge AI processors

Fortify edge server infrastructure with Micron memory and storage.

Storage solutions for edge servers

Find purpose-built storage solutions to match your edge infrastructure.


Micron 9400 NVMe SSD

Speed up data intensive workloads with high-performance storage.


Micron 7500 NVMe SSD

Optimize your mainstream server applications.


Micron 7450 NVMe SSD

Balanced performance, reliability and endurance for mainstream servers.


Micron 6500 ION NVMe SSD

Find high-capacity solutions to unlock the potential of massive data lakes.


Micron 5400 SATA SSD

Extend the potential of legacy servers.

Memory solutions for edge servers

Maximize edge servers with your ideal DRAM configuration.


DDR5 Server DRAM

High-performance memory for workloads where speed is paramount.


DDR4 Server DRAM

Cost-effective memory solutions to maximize existing infrastructure.



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TEP  (Technology Enablement Program)

TEP for DDR5 offers a path into Micron to gain early access to technical information and support.


Downloads & technical documentation

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Micron SSD portfolio

Match the perfect SSD to your unique workload.


Solve your data center challenges

Overcome obstacles and lay the groundwork for sustainable growth.


Micron moves data center innovation

Dig into Micron’s background as a leader in memory and storage innovation.


Learn more about Micron’s approach to edge infrastructure.

  • Where is edge infrastructure being implemented?

    Edge is used for applications such as smart cities, telemedicine, precision agriculture, advanced driver systems and more. Edge database analytics are used to:

    • Monitor industrial equipment and manufacturing processes, including real-time IoT alerts
    • Track defects, inefficiencies and production downtime
    • Optimize how resources are consumed, such as gasoline, electricity, water, and more.
    • Improve safety with real-time visibility into equipment sensors and/or control systems
  • What is the difference between far edge and distributed edge cloud?

    Far edge resides at on-premise servers or on user devices. Conversely, distributed edge cloud resides at the content delivery network, network access point and data center colocation level.

  • What are the benefits of edge intelligence?

    Benefits include reduced latency, increased server performance, lower transport costs, improved regional data processing and compliance with data locality regulations.

  • Can edge infrastructure help with AI?

    Yes, as edge infrastructure can help improve predictive analysis, microservices and a host of other exciting opportunities. Edge infrastructure boosts AI by placing servers at the network edge to save on data transfer, reduce bottlenecks and improve efficiency.

  • How do I start implementing edge infrastructure?

    When considering edge implementation:

    • Carefully evaluate new software applications which can unlock new business value
    • Assess what compute, memory and storage resources are needed for optimal application performance
    • Pinpoint where data is accumulated and how much of the workflow depends on moving that data
    • Strike a balance between infrastructure configuration, design, and supplier.
  • How can Micron help with edge infrastructure?

    Micron offers memory and storage solutions optimized for edge infrastructure, helping manage the increasing amount of data generated by 5G-connected devices and the IoT. Our cloud-to-edge portfolio gives data centers an edge with low latency, high bandwidth and massive capacity. Micron helps:

    • Set new standards for data center storage and memory performance
    • Achieve maximum scalability of edge infrastructure
    • Accelerate business-critical applications while maximizing IT budgets
    • Make deployments faster and more efficient
Note: All values provided are for reference only and are not warranted values. For warranty information, visit or contact your Micron sales representative.

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